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Today we are going to see how easy it is to shoot great product pictures with an easy to DIY tabletop setup. As you can see in the pictures the whole setup consits of a frame a sheet of Plexiglas, a backlight and a front light. All the materials can be found in your typical home improvement warehouse, except maybe for the opaque Plexiglas sheet that you’ll find with some specialist wholesale company or online. Be aware that this material is prone to easiely break especially at the edges, it is kind of fragile and can only be bend for so much. Please plan the frame of your posing table accordingly, my table is wide enough to be able to accommodate common objects that are as large as 20 inches wide.


Professional Product Photos made easy

 You need good photos for your web site or for ebay ? this simple setup will make things easy.

As you can see on both pictures, the table is build in a way that we can get some strong light from underneath. This is to avoid all kind of shadows and make sure the background is plain white and doesnt distract from the object.All light sources used are incandescent bulbs rated at a colour temperature of K 5500 so it can be used outside and mixed with ambient light since the average daylight on a sunny day is quite about the same.

On the left picture, the bottle pretend to be our object and the picture is taken about where the camera on the tripod for the shooting is going to be.


The main light source for the object is masked by a black cut piece of foamboard, this gives a soft window effect for the professional touch.

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