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Foresee the results and implication of your next action as something that wouldn’t impact other human’s life in a way you wouldn’t wish for yourself or your loved ones.


Use common sense by acting like you would expect someone would act for yourself in a given situation. Learn to monitor your actions from different perspectives.


Promote every action that facilitate individual humans to development and empower the use of all of its natural abilities.


Create an environment of trust, protection and sustainability with resources and social organization within your scope of control.


Take responsibility for what you ethical thinking empowered you. You have a tremendous responsibility.


Don’t assume your scope of control is limited. The Globe is yours. You are seeking knowledge and once you became aware of a grievance or treat for animal and ecological status or development: analyze, reflect, communicate.


Consider other species with respect and use scientific knowledge to find out about their ability to feel and suffer. Apply rule #1 as for Humans.


Question every rule, every tradition. People who live by old traditions never learned to learn or to question. Learn to learn and to question, use knowledge and science from our cultural legacy. Share and contribute back.


The social system you are living in gives you the ability to earn Food, Protection, a future for your Family and the insights of earlier Generations. Develop your own talent to give back what you own.


Acknowledge that your own selective perception make yourself an easy victim of all types of alienation and manipulation as well as a regular victim of your own errors in judgment.  


Humanity pays a high toll for ignorance and bigotry. This Toll is Poverty, tremendous waste of resources and a waste of time in the non-technical development of our species. Don’t be a part of that Bill, think by yourself.


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